The concept behind the logo was to incorporate her coat of arms into one logo to commemorate her grandfather.

carissa photography logo


Omari is a Ottawa rapper that is creating a clothing collection. This logo is a play on a beatle representing his cultural background.

omari clothing logo


Letts Law is a unique law firm that combines an advanced understanding of parenting, single parenting, divorce and the rights of children with a human rights practice.

letts law logo in blue

Personal branding

Tyler Trimnal is based out of Knoxville, TN. He has partnered with the "Cotton Eyed Joe" in Knoxville to provide the venue with marketing material such as images of the musicians and their fans. Tyler needed to brand himself but knowing he will tackle more than just photography down the road. We decided it was smarter to create a personal brand. Tyler being one with nature. We incorporated mountains and waves to truly portray himself in a logo.

letts law logo in blue