A unique law firm that combines an advanced understanding of parenting, single parenting, divorce and the rights of children with a human rights practice.


Based on the unique services Letts Law offers, clients can often not know what type of case they are: Human Rights or Family Law? Therefore, the information can be overwhelming and confusing.


The plan is to help potential clients understand where they stand and how Letts Law can help them. We did so by unifying the brand and making the new website’s interface an easy and welcoming experience.

survey icon


Our team conducted a survey with Eric Letts clients to gather info on what they liked and disliked about their experience. This leads to us figuring out, how to fix and optimize the use of his website to inform his existent clientele and new ones.


These were the two final directions we had for themes. After showing these boards to the client. Eric decided to go with option 1.

more comfort orange and blue tones moodboard

Option 1

more business red and blue tones moodboard

Option 2


Going for more trusting yet comforting tones, We used this calm blue and a muted orange. This pairing was the perfect match for what he was looking for.

rosie's logo line the guidelines used to make its shape

Hex: #20406C

rosie's logo line the guidelines used to make its shape

Hex: #D68A49


The logo was inspired by the initials of Letts Law "LL". The icon is two L's superimposed to create a circle like a shape of a hug. This shape signifies the comfort and trust he builds with his clients.

New letts law logo


An overview of the branding strategy we made into a banner.

overall poster showcasing everything.
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